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The Story So Far 

Briony is one of Australia’s most viral video producers and specialises in using content to change the world.


She has created cheeky viral content for organisations such as The World Wildlife Fund, Getup, The Climate Council and The Sum of us generating millions of views on some of the most complex issues facing our world through engaging and entertaining content.


She has spent the past few years as Executive Producer of Video at Mamamia Women’s Network. There she created and performed in countless viral videos on issues affecting women including the Tampon Tax, Domestic Violence, the mental load with the Sexiest Man in the world, right through to the very serious issue of the Man-flu. This culminated in winning the ‘Best Use of Video’ at the 2019 Mumbrella Publish Awards for the video  If a Man Lived Like a Woman for a Day (40 million views) and in 2019 she was awarded Best Producer at the Mumbrella Next awards.


After a major life shock – in the form of stage 4 lymphoma Briony started video documenting her experience through chemotherapy and other side of the wild ride! From the footage she created short video ‘You Only Get One Life’ which quickly went viral and resulted in a book deal with Murdoch Books so she could share her learnings of what to do when life throws you a surprise sucker punch.


Whilst chemo was not all it’s cracked up to be she’s grateful to be alive and well and this massive life wakeup call got her to fiercely examine how she spends her time and energy. She wants to work with those she loves, creating amazing content to change the world. 

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